Design Biz Start-Up Tips #2: First Steps to Manufacturing

When I started Natural History, I had absolutely no background in design or product development.  Finding out how to get my first 300 cushions made seemed like a mammoth task, and even when… Continue reading

Design Biz Start-Up Tips #1: Designing Your Product for the Market

Product design has to be intelligent right from the very start if you’re going to succeed.  It’s very risky to take a wonderful idea and start putting it into production blindly, without any… Continue reading

Design Biz Start-Up Tips

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing my tips for starting your design business and getting it up and running economically and stylishly. For the purposes of this blog, when… Continue reading

The Tricky Bit

Honor, a week old As well as running a business, I have two daughters, aged two and four. When I had my first baby I had recently started a PhD in 15th century… Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Cyanistes

It goes without saying that the best part about running a design company is the creative side of it.  I don’t really think of myself as a designer, as such, and consider my… Continue reading

Before Work, Coffee

Before I can even start to think about work, I have to have coffee.  I have a Nespresso in the office & bombard the staff with a kaleidoscope of different Nespresso coffees every… Continue reading

Why (and when) I work from home

This week I have taken some time to work from home, so that I can try to step back and see the bigger picture at work, instead of being constantly engaged upon the… Continue reading

Getting Started

I have been on a crash course in the design industry for the last three years, launching my online shop and evolving it into a design studio supplying concept and department stores all… Continue reading