Working with children

top drawer

The fact that I have two small children has a huge impact on how I work, as it does for all mothers.  Being my own boss means I can manage my time around them quite flexibly, but I still have to do the bones of a full day’s work within traditional working hours.

I have found that the UK home/gift/interiors industry is incredibly child-friendly and that trade shows are swarming with strollers and small children – I love Top Drawer (seen above) for this in particular.  By contrast, when I exhibited at Maison et Objet in Paris, no children were allowed.  This naturally keeps many small buyers away if they can’t get away from their shops during the week, and don’t have childcare on Sundays.

I love integrating my children into my work whenever I can.  Now that my older child is four, she is big enough to come to come out with me when I’m working – she has been to trade shows, photo shoots, media interviews, buyers meetings and scouting trips and all those (initially agonising) mornings bringing her to Sunday brunch to teach her to behave in a restaurant are paying off!