What does your Twitter profile tell me?


If you’re running or thinking about starting your own business, you will have (I hope!) realised that you should be on Twitter.  In fact, if you’re reading this, chances are that’s where you found me.  This morning, can we take a moment to think about what your profile is telling the world?

1. You can meet thousands of people in the space of a week with your Twitter account.  Don’t start following people or tweeting until it is presentable.

2. Your profile picture should be a clear, friendly headshot, your logo or a clear lifestyle shot of your product.  If your picture is still an egg, you’re not going to be taken seriously.

3.  Instead of a Twitter pre-made theme, which looks lazy, either create your own background (I am not a graphic designer and I did mine in 20 mins on Photoshop Elements) or have a plain colour.  Don’t forget your header background on your Profile settings, or it will default to black.

4. Your bio is vital. Ideally, it should state who you are, what you do, and add a personal detail:

  • I am a designer/We are a design studio…
  • …making hand-crafted furniture inspired by 60’s architecture.
  • I /We love base-jumping/macaroons/beni ourain rugs.

No quotes, jargon, cutesy terms or, God forbid, mission statements.  If you are tweeting as your company, say “Tweets by Sarah” to warm it up.  Don’t be afraid to puff yourself up a bit in it – always aim to seem a bit more important than you are!

5. If you have children & they are relevant to your work, by all means say so (please don’t say mummy or mumpreneur), but if not, leave them out.  My children are relevant to this blog, because it refers to how I balance having my own business and children, but I would never have them in the bio for Natural History.

Some or all of this might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people tweet without taking any of the above into consideration, so have a look at your Twitter profile today and see if you can do any sprucing up.