Adventures in Retail #1


Technically, I’ve been  in retail for three years, but very soon after I started my business, I moved into trade (i.e. selling my designs to other shops instead of to the general public), and I set retail – ecommerce – aside almost completely while I concentrated on that, despite having a lovely ecommerce site sitting almost idle.  Recently, I turned my attention back to retail to see how it could be improved.

The first thing I did was to get help, because it was lack of time that had been standing in my way before, so a sudden refound enthusiasm for ecommerce wasn’t going to be much help on its own.  I hired a new full time member of staff to manage all aspects of ecommerce for the business, as well as digital marketing, social media engagement and PR.  Looking at the job description, it is no wonder I wasn’t staying on top of any of it myself!

Bringing in help isn’t the only thing I’m doing though, so I’ll be looking at every aspect of ecommerce that I can think of and finding out how I can improve it.  I don’t have the budget for agency fees, tempting as some of the services offered by glossy digital marketing agencies are, so we’ll be learning how to do it all ourselves, and I’ll share what I learn here every week.  Wish me luck!

Fabulous photograph of a draper’s shop in Yorkshire from here.