Spring Cleaning


I have been wanting to shake Natural History’s look up for a while, and even toyed around with changing the name completely this summer, but I decided in the end that as I am just establishing myself with some wonderful new retailers who are being really supportive, I shouldn’t confuse the matter just now, so I have decided instead to update the branding with a new logo and new website, which is still really, really exciting.

Our website was designed by The Agency in 2010 and I really love the branding they did for me then – it was on trend, visually arresting and really suited the brand I wanted to grow into, but it needs a bit of sprucing up now, three years on.  I want something cleaner, more modern, but still really focused on an air of heritage.  I LOVE it when people are stunned to discover that Natural History has only been around for a couple of years.  I want to create a brand that could very easily have been handed down for generations.  It won’t happen overnight, of course, but half the fun is moulding it day by day.

Do you have your own business or brand?  What excites you most about the process of branding?

Fabulous green hydrageas from Scarlet & Violet