Design Biz Start-Up Tips


Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing my tips for starting your design business and getting it up and running economically and stylishly.

For the purposes of this blog, when I talk about the design business, I am referring specifically to the interiors and homewares industry, with some forays into gift and paper goods.  I am aiming my advice at designer/makers, designers and would-be online retailers, in particular.

As I am based in the UK, a lot of what I talk about will be specific to the UK industry.  However, I am also expanding my business into the US and Asia this year, so I will be sharing what I learn about those markets as that goes on.

There will be fun bits and there will be dull bits (these bits are inevitably madly important, so don’t skip them!), but I hope all of it will be useful, so grab a notebook and settle in…

Notebooks from Natural History