Why (and when) I work from home


This week I have taken some time to work from home, so that I can try to step back and see the bigger picture at work, instead of being constantly engaged upon the small (and vital!) myriad tasks that occupy my time when I’m in the office.  I love being at work – I like the social aspect of working in our airy open plan space here in Oxford as well as working as part of the team, but some days I get sucked into The Tasks, and suddenly it’s 2pm and I feel like I haven’t achieved very much.

Being away from my desk has given me the space to think about the changes that are coming up for Natural History, integrating our new products into the subtle change of direction that we’ll be taking this year and thinking about my own personal development, which is something I never get to think about at all.  That’s partly why I have started this blog (and twitter account etc.), so that I can separate my own voice from Natural History’s.  It also might mean less complaining about getting up at 6am with overenthusiastic children on the NH twitter feed, which can only be a good thing!

I can’t hide from the office forever though, and I went in today feeling much more motivated and refreshed than usual, so perhaps I really need to set aside at least two days a week to work from home (and actually work!) for from now on rather than grabbing an irregular slot like I did this week.