Getting Started


I have been on a crash course in the design industry for the last three years, launching my online shop and evolving it into a design studio supplying concept and department stores all over the world with our in-house designs.  All this while having two babies and relocating to the UK!

I got into all this in the first place by blogging, starting my first blog when I moved to Marrakech for six months in 2007, so it seems fitting that I should return to where I began, but instead of navel-gazing (which my first blog was a little guilty of) I am looking forward to sharing what I have learnt about the design industry and retail since starting Natural History.

It’s Spring at last here in Oxford, and this blog is not all I’m feeling creative about – I love these biodegradable recycled seedling pots that I found on Etsy.  Time to get planting, I think…