Keeping Costs Down: Site Design

It is perfectly true that your website is vitally important and that it must be stylish, easily navigable and a positive representation of your brand.  It is NOT true, however, that you need… Continue reading

Get Your Coffee (and Architecture) Fix

My favourite interiors magazine has always been Vogue Living Australia.  It’s international, adventurous and colourful and brims over with the most exciting homes and city features of any shelter magazine out there. The… Continue reading

Cashflow: Calculated Risk

When you run your own business or freelance, the single biggest frustration is not getting paid.  It’s nice to think that most of the job of running a design studio consists of actual… Continue reading

Clerkenwell Design Week

This month I am launching a new textiles collection called Tradescant & Son at Clerkenwell Design Week.  We have been working on the collection for months and it’s really exciting – and a… Continue reading

Working with children

The fact that I have two small children has a huge impact on how I work, as it does for all mothers.  Being my own boss means I can manage my time around… Continue reading

What does your Twitter profile tell me?

If you’re running or thinking about starting your own business, you will have (I hope!) realised that you should be on Twitter.  In fact, if you’re reading this, chances are that’s where you… Continue reading

How do I do it?

I started my own business so that as a mother, I could be independent.  I had always liked the idea of owning my own business, but somehow becoming a parent made it more… Continue reading

Adventures in Retail #1

Technically, I’ve been  in retail for three years, but very soon after I started my business, I moved into trade (i.e. selling my designs to other shops instead of to the general public),… Continue reading

Design Biz Start-Up Tips #3: Managing Money

In the early days of running my business, I could tell you off the top of my head how many trade and retail sales I had on the go, how much money I… Continue reading